Work on the section of the D49 Hulín-Fryšták highway continues successfully

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The construction of the D49 highway aims not only to ease local traffic, but also to boost the economy of the entire Zlín Region. The construction of the D49 highway within the Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone will especially benefit current and incoming investors. It will offer them completely new logistical options that have been waiting for a long time.

The construction is currently not facing any problems or significant delays. In the past months, for example, the concreting of the SO 233 bridge on the field road Horní Lapač – Žeranovice via the R49 was carried out, for which the company STRABAG a.s. However, other sections of the highway are gradually being modified. It should be completed by the end of 2024.

Videos of work in progress can be viewed at the links below: (concreting of the bridge) (D49 highway, July 2023) (D49 highway, August 2023)

"The D49 highway is an important construction for the management of Zóna Holešov as well as for incoming investors. I believe that thanks to her, Zóna will be the first choice for starting or expanding a business in the future. For investors, a flawless connection to the highway and rail network is absolutely crucial. In this regard, D49 will play a vital role and provide investors with a unique competitive advantage," said Radovan Macháček, chairman of the board of Industry Servis ZK, which is in charge of Zóna Holešov.