The demand of investors for parcels in the Zone in Holešov is enormous. That is why the management has decided to further expand its infrastructure

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It is not only new investors, who are building in the Strategic Industrial Zone in Holešov, which was created in 2008 to endorse employment and competitiveness in the region. As a response to the high demand of investors, the management of the Zone in Holešov has recently also decided to expand the technical and transport infrastructure.


Part of the infrastructure development is the preparation of the project documentation to complete the internal infrastructure in the west and center part of the Zone, which are more and more often sought after by the investors wanting to start their business. Investments in these parts are planned primarily thanks to the high interest of investors, who’d like to start building here as soon as possible. New investors will not only create more jobs for citizens from Holešov and its surroundings, but also support the economic development in the Kroměříž region.


Although the investors are interested rather in smaller to mid-size parcels, one big strategic investor is still expected to take an area of approx. 50–70 hectares.


Expanding the internal infrastructure is not the only event planned for these days though. The action in the eastern part called “U lesíka” is also worth a mention. This is where the management of the Zone started an extensive completion of a water main, gas main, as well as wastewater and rainwater drainage. Even though it’s an extensive operation, it won’t take long – first works started on Sep 12th and they should finish at the beginning of December. Thanks to the construction of infrastructure in the eastern part, the management of the Zone in Holešov will be able to offer the investors further interesting parcels intended for their construction.


“We’ve been aware of the positive reception of the Zone by the investors for several months now, that’s why there’s emphasis on finishing all the works that will make the Zone in Holešov even more attractive in shortest time possible,” said Ing. Mgr. Lucie Pluhařová, chair of the board in Industry Servis ZK, who is in charge of the Zone in Holešov, and added: “With the number of investors in the Zone in Holešov growing comes a rise in job offers, improvement in the quality of life of the locals and overall higher competitiveness of this region.”