Basic information

Industry Servis ZK, a.s. is a subsidiary company of the Zlín Region. It provides services focusing on the development, management and assignment of land lots in the Holešov industrial zone (SPZ Holešov). Industry Servis ZK, a.s. is also the operator and owner of the Progress Technological Park in the industrial zone. The company's HQ is located in the Technological Park.


Industry Servis ZK, a.s., Holešovská 1691, 769 01 Holešov, Company ID: 63080303
Company registered in the Commercial Registry under file No. B 1952 maintained by the Regional court in Brno
Statutory body: Ing. Mgr. Lucie Pluhařová, Chairman of the Board
Supervisory Board: Mgr. Milan Fritz, Luděk Hradil, Ing. Pavel Maňásek