About the region

The Strategic industrial zone is situated near the town of Holešov in the east part of the Czech Republic in Zlín region, district of Kroměříž. The Zlín Region is an industrial area with many well-educated and technically-oriented people. The industrial potential lies mainly in companies dealing with product processing and manufacturing. 

Links to current statistical data describing the region:

Czech Statistical Office - Regional Administration Office in Zlín 

Industrial traditions and present situation 

zlin-21-magistrat-117-fotom-ark.jpgDuring the first half of the twentieth century the well-known Baťa corporation laid down the basis for the modern industrial character of the region today. Today the Zlín Region is one of the most industrialized regions in the Czech Republic. Approximately 43% of workers are employed in the manufacturing and construction sectors. Traditional fields include plastic and rubber, engineering, aerospace, metalworking, chemical, electrical, woodworking and furniture manufacturing industris. 

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The region offers a well-developed network of technically oriented secondary vocational schools. The founder of the majority of these schools is the Zlín Region. High-quality and affordable technical education is one of the top priorities of the regional government. 

VS_loga_silnice_new.jpgMany people living in the Zlín Region are university or college educated. This is largely due to the Tomáš Baťa University situated in Zlín, attended by 9,000 students. Tomáš Baťa University is one of the most dynamically developing universities in the Czech Republic. 

Approximately one hour drive from the industrial zone in Holešov there are other well-known university towns such as Brno, Olomouc and Ostrava. 

Healthcare and social services

The entire Zlín Region is serviced by a network of outpatient facilities and a fast medical service systems. Inpatient care is provided by 4 hospitals established and overseen by the Region plus several smaller hospitals established by other founders. There are high-quality and affordable accommodation services used by the elderly or disabled people and a large network of outpatient and field social services provided for all target groups. Spa tourism is an important commercial segment of the region.  

Culture and tourism

Kroměříž-Květná zahrada (25).jpgThe Zlín Region is a popular tourist destination as it offers natural, cultural and historical diversity. The most visited tourist destinations include the Zlín ZOO - Lešná, the open air Wallachian Museum and the Archbishop's Château in Kroměříž.  The Zlín Region is also an important place of religious tourism with pilgrimage places such as Velehrad, Hostýn and Radhošť. 

The dominant feature of the town of Holešov is the baroque chateau and the Shah's synagogue, which bears the name of a significant scholar, the rabbi Sabbatai ben Meir ha Kohen. The Jewish monuments in Holešov are visited by people from all over the world.