For investors

mapa_ENG.jpgThe Strategic industrial zone in Holešov is situated in the Zlín Region on the territory of the former airport near the town of Holešov. The industrial zone is open to all potential partners involved in manufacturing, processing (except for raw material processing), science, research and other strategic projects and services. Land lots from a minimum size of 5,000 m2 are available to investors. A part of the industrial zone is the Technological Park which offers commercial support services and rental spaces to investors. The industrial zone is managed by Industry Servis ZK, a.s., a company established by the Zlín Region which also provides the necessary support services.


Zone characteristics

The Holešov industrial zone is located in a levelled flatland in a safe distance from flood areas. It is separated from residential areas by a natural anti-noise barrier, a bio-centre and bio-corridors. Green areas are to be built during the next construction stage. Environmental protection, in particular protection of groundwater and the improvement of the quality of lives of people living in the region is seen as the necessary and primary prerequisite for the construction and operation of the industrial zone.



The Strategic industrial zone in Holešov with the necessary infrastructure is ready for investors.   

Utility supply networks enter the zone from two directions. Gas, water, electricity and telecommunication cables supply the zone. Sewage and rainwater is removed from the zone through a drainage system. Special attention is paid to waste water treatment. Soiled water goes through a feeder pipe equipped with a pumping station into one of the most modern water treatment plants in the Czech Republic. 

The inner infrastructure is gradually being built, extended and connected to the backbone of the technical infrastructure. Each site for sale includes access roads and utility supply system which go all the way to the boundary of the land lot.



The Strategic industrial zone is conveniently located and may be easily used to serve the entire territory of the Czech Republic or Europe. Using the advantage of the three main roads the zone is conveniently connected to the surrounding network of roads and highways. Another great benefit is the existing siding rail closely attached to the zone enabling is direct linking to the national railway system. 

Inside the industrial zone there are non-public roads used for inner goods movement. Also a system of pedestrian and bike trails is available and it is connected to the surrounding road system. 

A public transportation system serves employees' commuting needs. The town of Holešov is a regional hub for bus and rail transportation system. Public transport is also available within the industrial zone and will be further developed based on the needs of the entities residing in the zone.

Basic information for investors

Based on the rules of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the zone is intended for manufacturing and processing industries (CZ NACE 10-33), dealing with strategic services, technology or research centres and development projects, except for industries focusing on raw materials processing. 

Based on the Holešov territorial zoning plan, the industrial zone shall be mainly used by the processing industry and storage companies. However, companies focusing on production, strategic services, technology and science centres and research companies are also acceptable together with the related transport and technical infrastructure including the necessary facilities and amenities, public spaces and separation green areas. Inappropriate use includes companies dealing with initial processing of raw materials and activities that could contaminate surface and groundwater. 

To make sure that the environment is protected and to avoid disruption of the landscape and to preserve the pleasant nature of the area, investors must abide by applicable regulations and rules. The maximum height of buildings in the zone is 16 m, the maximum build-up area cannot exceed 60% and the green area must represent at least 20%.   

Current land lots offered for sale and prices

The division of the land in the Holešov industrial zone is based on an urban study. A diversified land distribution in terms of various industrial types and company sizes is expected. In the basic distribution there are 100 hectares reserved for large projects. Other areas are reserved for medium size and small investors.

Investment incentives