Another company showed interest in the land available at the Holešov industrial zone

“This company wants to build a facility in the Holešov area which shall focus on project design activities in the field of electrical engineering including software testing and setting, remote dispatch and production and installation of cable harnesses," said Josef Zicha the Deputy of the Zlín Region Governor, responsible for strategic development.

The Committee for the Zlín Region will be presented with a contract dealing with the future purchase of the land for approval. The land is to be sold for the usual price determined by an expert opinion. Performance of this contract will be possible under the condition that fgFORTE obtains the necessary permits allowing the company to implement its investment plan in the area.

The Holešov strategic industrial zone is one of the largest development lands in the Czech Republic. Its total area is 360 hectares and the basic technical and road infrastructure was completed at the end of 2009. Land lots with an area of 0.5 hectares are available to investors.