The Zone in Holešov welcomes two new investors. They are the Baby Group and fgFORTE


After VAPOL CZ and Plastics, who joined the Zone in Holešov before the end of 2021 and who are going to celebrate the start of operation by the end of the year, the group of investors is expanded with two other companies - Baby Group and fgFORTE.

The Baby Group is an exclusive importer of high-quality baby products for the Czech and Slovakian market. The main area of focus of fgFORTE is the development and production of solar batteries, UPS systems, manipulation technology and cleaning machines. Both companies in the Zone in Holešov have chosen smaller parcels of approx. 1 ha. The construction on bigger parcels of 2 ha and more will begin only next year.

The set goals of the management of the Zone are being met. In case the management of the Zone registered more requests for larger parcels, the parting of the Zone will be adjusted with regards to the frequency of the investors’ request for smaller parcels.

“We’re very happy about the growing construction at the Strategic Industrial Zone in Holešov. We hope the high interest from investors will prevail in the following years and we will have the remaining parcels occupied as soon as possible,” Mgr. Lucie Pluhařová said.