The Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone, which welcomed its first investors in 2009, is one of the largest development areas in the Czech Republic. Its main advantage is primarily the fact that it is completely ready for the entry of new investors, thanks to the constructed necessary infrastructure. New companies wishing to start or expand their business in the zone are therefore always welcome.


There is nothing at all to prevent companies from building and starting their business here, and the zone can assist them with the necessary administration. An equally important added value is that thanks to the participating companies, employment and competitiveness are gradually developing not only in the Kroměříž Region, but also in the entire Zlín Region.


What is fundamental here is the commitment of the Zlín Region as the administrator of the zone to maintain an ethical and environmentally friendly way of doing business for all existing and newly entering companies. The Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone does not support activities or companies that pollute or directly threaten the environment. Within the scope of mutual cooperation, it is always taken into account that the entering companies do not endanger the surrounding area or the environment in general through their production activities. Groundwater is a very important issue in this case. However, all current and planned construction in the Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone is subject to strict control, thanks to which people living in the immediate vicinity of the zone do not have to worry about any negative impact on the quality of the soil or the environment as a whole.


"Newly entering companies can choose from a wide range of available plots of different sizes – we offer plots of 0.5 to 100 hectares. In total, an area of approximately 190 hectares has been prepared for them. At the same time, we perceive the greatest demand from companies from the Zlín Region, which have decided to expand their production facilities in the Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone,” added Ing. Mgr. Lucie Pluhařová, Chairman of the Board of Directors.