The year 2022 was an unprecedented success for the Holešov industrial zone


For several months now, we have been in 2023, which will undoubtedly be another important period for us. However, we would like to go back to the previous year, summarize our achievements and the overall situation in the Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone.

At the turn of 2021 and 2022, Zóna Holešov welcomed two new investors – VAPOL CZ and Plastix Trade. They occupied an area of 2.5 hectares, the investments amounted to approximately 150 million crowns. A little later, in the spring of 2022, two other new investors entered the Holešov zone - Baby Group and fgFORTE. Each of them chose an area of approximately 1 ha.

Last year, the management of Industry Servis ZK also decided to use a new visual style, which will be gradually applied within the Holešov Zone. The goal of this change was mainly to unify the design of the Zone, thanks to which it will appear coherent and harmonious. In addition, these changes are intended to convey that the Holešov Zone and the Zlín Region are ready for new, not only investment, opportunities.

In the fall of 2022, there was a significant expansion of the internal infrastructure, which responded to the high demand from investors for land. The modifications took place mainly in the eastern part of "U lesíka": the water supply, gas pipeline, sewage and storm sewers were completed here.

The continued work on the D49 Hulín-Fryšták highway section is also positively perceived not only by the management of the Zone, but also by the investors themselves. It should be finished by Christmas 2024. One of the benefits of the new D49 highway will be a perfect connection with the outside world for investors.

The last major event, which is a motivation for further action, was the ceremonial start of operations of VAPOL CZ at the turn of 2022 and 2023. Thanks to the modern fulfillment center and its technologies, the company can now handle up to 10,000 shipments per month without any problems.

Even though we still witnessed the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to keep our commitments and be a stable partner that investors can rely on.

"I am pleased with all the successes we achieved last year. It was, I dare say, a challenging period for the management of the Zone, the region, but also the investors themselves. However, despite the complications, we dealt with everything. However, there is still a lot of work ahead of us," said Ing. M.Sc. Lucie Pluhařová, chairman of the board of Industry Servis ZK, which is in charge of the Holešov Zone.