D49 at Zóna Holešov will probably be completed on time. The field of transport is crucial for the leadership of the Zlín Region

With the end of 2022 approaching, the contractors of the upcoming section of the D49 Hulín-Fryšták highway also increased the pace. If there are no major complications, it should be completed by Christmas 2024.

Despite the "efforts" of activists who have been preventing its construction for a long time, the construction is going on without any problems. However, the residents of Holešov have to get used to increased traffic in the city for some time, due to the temporary closure of the so-called shingle road, i.e. the road that cars used to avoid the city. There is a clear reason for its closure – an exit from the highway must be built here, which would not be possible without its closure.

However, the positive news is the summarization of topsoil and the gradual laying of individual layers. A short video report was also taken of the ongoing construction, in which Radek Doležel, deputy governor, comments on the current progress:

Despite the fact that the situation in the field of transport in the region is already favorable, its management has big plans for the future. In general, the culture of public transport is currently better, for example the ongoing revitalization of the railway station in Holešov. The region is also currently trying to bring some innovation in the field of public transport every six months. The latest initiative is, for example, the Zetka payment system and the new zone tariff, which has been running since July this year. Zóna Holešov and incoming investors will also benefit from this in the future - for their employees, fares will no longer be as expensive as in the past. Another equally important benefit for investors entering the Holešov Zone is the presence of a railway siding.