How did the idea to create the Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone come about?

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The Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone is a project of the Zlín Region with the participation of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the CzechInvest Business and Investment Promotion Agency. Among other things, it celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2022.

"Incoming investors can especially benefit from the connection with CzechInvest, as it offers them help in overcoming various business obstacles, as well as in expansion. Thanks to the many forms of assistance we provide to investors, the Zone in Holešov has been a sought-after place for starting or expanding a business in recent years," said Ing. M.Sc. Lucie Pluhařová, chairman of the board of Industry Servis ZK, which is in charge of the Holešov Zone.

The location of the airport was chosen for the new industrial zone on the basis of the so-called "Delineation of development areas for the production of the Zlín region" in 2002. The location provides an advantageous location from the point of view of transport connections, transport accessibility and other criteria. Planning began in 2003. Due to the fact that this project was recognized as strategic, it could also be significantly supported by the state. A few years later, in 2008, infrastructure preparation began. The current target indicators of the project are incoming investments in the amount of 10 billion crowns and the creation of 4,000 new jobs. The deadline for meeting these goals is the end of 2040.

The Strategic Industrial Zone is approximately 0.7 km from the town of Holešov. The new D49 highway is also currently being built in the immediate vicinity. It will serve not only to connect the Holešov Zone, but also as a city bypass. The advantage of the area is, among other things, the connection to the reconstructed railway corridor Warsaw-Přerov-Břeclav-Vienna.

Despite the fact that the airport had to be canceled for the construction, with this step the city of Holešov and the Zlín region gained a representative area that provides excellent conditions for both business development and employment support in the region.

In contrast to other industrial zones in the Czech Republic, all construction here is strictly controlled, thanks to which people living in the immediate vicinity can be sure of the ethical and ecologically sound way of doing business of all entering companies.

As the construction of new production plants gradually expands here, the competitiveness of the entire area also increases. Follow-up services in the field of leisure activities, education, healthcare, and public transport are also gradually being developed here.

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