The Holešov industrial zone will be in charge of a new regional development company. It will also focus on other development activities in the region


Today, the Holešov Strategic Industrial Zone is managed by the regional company Industry Servis ZK, a. s. This should change from the beginning of next year. The new development agency, under which the industrial zone will fall, will also focus on other development activities to make the Zlín region attractive to new investors.

Its task will be to attract more investors to the Zlín region (including the Holešov industrial zone), to create attractive jobs, to develop new fields in the field of modern technologies, or perhaps to cover strategic projects of the region. The reorganization of the existing company Industry Servis ZK, a. s. was approved by the Zlín Region Council on September 11, 2023. The partners here will be the Tomáš Bata University in Zlín, the Technological Innovation Center, the city of Zlín and other cities in the Zlín Region.

The aim is primarily to reverse the current view of the Zlín region, which has long been struggling with population decline and which offers the second lowest average salary in the Czech Republic, but also to have the agency manage strategic regional projects in modern fields such as AI in addition to the Holešov industrial zone , digitization of the region, innovation in public administration, sustainable mobility and others. It will also help investors who would like to start a business in the Holešov Zone by providing their workers with housing and other accompanying services.

The annual budget for the start-up of this project is set at 20 million crowns.

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