Taneco wants to build an aquaponics food production plant in the Holešov area

Taneco, a.s., wants to build a food production plant in the strategic industrial zone in Holešov. The subject of the purchase contract is to sell land lots with the area of 224 thousand m2 for 66.5 million Czech crowns. The sale must be approved by the Zlín Regional Council.

"This company wants to build a plant for food production and processing using the principles of aquaponic fish farming and vegetable growing. It is an enclosed system with a climate which is controlled all year around based on the principle of mutual recirculation of resources used by fish and plants. All primary fish and vegetable production will be processed in the plant and made into final food products. The project is to be implemented in two stages. The project should create 378 new jobs, "said Jiří Čunek, the Governor of the Zlín Region.

The construction works of the first stage shall begin in 2020 and the project shall be put into operation in 2022. The start of the second stage is expected to begin in 2023 and the commissioning and start-up is scheduled at the end of 2025. Based on the concluded contract defining the future purchase contract, taneco, a.s. should be able to get the necessary permits. If taneco obtains these permits no later than within two years, the Zlín Region will conclude a purchase contract with taneco.

Signing of the purchase contract will depend upon the consent of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and shall be done through CzechInvest agency. At the same time, the Regional Council also approved the intention to sell the land in the Holešov zone to Suntel Steel, s.r.o. Suntel Steel, s.r.o. intends to build a facility focusing on the development, production and storage of steel structures used by telecommunication companies.