The Zone in Holešov is a great choice for the future expansion of the investors

23. 8. 2022

Investors have shown significant interest in the Strategic Industrial Zone in Holešov over the past few months, which is evidenced by the number of contracts concluded. For the purpose of potential investors having all the necessary information at hand, the management of the Zone in Holešov have decided to create two new promotion videos.

First of them tells the investors the most important information in just one minute. It mentions the great transport and technical infrastructure, possibilities for investors and a lot of other information.

Along with the short one-minute promotion video, the Zone in Holešov made a more comprehensive video that also features some of the investors seated in the Zone in Holešov. They share the main reasons for choosing the Zone in Holešov for their expansion.

“The investors appreciate namely large-enough parcels offered by the Zone and a great transport infrastructure, equipment and high-quality facilities. It is important for the investors to have all the important information about the Zone in one place. The best way to deliver the message we want to share is in the form of a video. That is why, among other reasons, this popular promotion format was chosen,” said Ing. Mgr. Lucie Pluhařová, chair of the board in Industry Servis ZK, which is in charge of the Zone in Holešov.

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