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Holešov Industrial Zone  Holešov Industrial Zone  Holešov Industrial Zone


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The Holešov Airport – Closed Down for Good

(April 2, 2009) – The Holešov Airport, which was in the last years mainly used by members of the local aviation club, does not exist any longer. The airport was officialy and permanently abolished on 31 March 2009 at the request of Industry Servis ZK – a company which is owned by the Zlin Region and which is fully in charge of running of the zone. The request was granted an approval by the Civil Aviation Authority. The abolishment of the airport was a gradual process related to the decline in its importance and finally its fate was sealed by the intensity of the building of the Holešov Industrial Zone which is growing on its premises.

The public intrastate airport was founded in the 1950s and was run by Czechoslovak Airlines. The airport facilitated a convenient and comfortable connection between Eastern Moravia and the capital city Prague. The journey took only from 45 to 60 minutes. In the 1970s, however, the volume of the airport traffic started to decline due to the fact that the first parts of the Czech motorway were put into operation (the Prague-Brno motorway connection was fully operating from 1980). Moreover, the ever stricter safety and security rules made the check-in a considerably longer process and last but not least, the energy crisis gave a substantial rise to fuel prices. In view of all these developments, Czechoslovak Airlines decided to abolish the regular flights.

Since 1980s several projects were run to save the importance of the airport, but in vain. Since 2005 the airport has been owned by the Zlin Region. The airport was not bought however to be resored to its former glory but to serve as a convenient location for a new industrial zone which is being built on its premises.
At present, most of the airport facilities have been removed or demolished including a departure lounge and two hangars. Those who were using the airport and the surrounding area until the last moment were financially compensated by the Zlin Region authorities and they might transfer their activities to other locations offered to them in compensation. 

The regional government of the Zlin Region has been working on the project of The Holešov Industrial Zone for about three years. The existence of the zone will positively influence many of the economic factors. Namely, the employment rate in the region will be decreased. Also, it will contribute to the balance between the average incomes in the region and the rest of the Czech Republic. Last but not least, the share of the region in gross domestic product will be increased. Moreover, the zone will function as a centre of uniquely creative entrepreneurial environment and will greatly speed up the process of building new motorways in that particular region. The total area of the zone is 360 hectares. The Holešov Inustrial Zone is one of the the strategic projects which, for the most part, falls under the government investment expenditures. The same holds true, however, for the industrial zones in Kolín, Mošnov or Žatec.


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